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Many good businesses struggle because understanding financial numbers is difficult and taxes are confusing and cut into profits. But that doesn't have to stop you from following your passion and making good money from it.

Pour in your heart and soul.
And have something to show for it.

Save Time. Make More Money. Reduce Taxes.

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Take Back Control Of Your Business.

Our efficient system helps you save time and increase profits, so you can focus on your passion while your business thrives.


Understand your business and business finances better with detailed reports on your sales, customers and expenses.

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Reduce taxes year round and pay the minimum allowed by law. Free up cash to help you grow your business.


Use assets to make the business work for you, building long-term wealth and financial freedom.

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"Knowing that my personal and business books are in order give me the peace of mind and time to explore ways to expand my business." Rex Dhatt, business owner
"Peter has saved me an amazing amount of money on income taxes legally. The strength of the business has increased dramatically. Peter is an important part of my team, right there along with the people who run my company, the attorneys, the insurance brokers, the bankers and then there’s Peter. They are all shoulder to shoulder." Craig Turner, business owner
"I love Peter because he gets us as entrepreneurs. He did not judge our shortcomings, but acknowledged our strengths and brought a new set of skills that freed us up to do what we are best at -- providing services to others, in our case, writing and publishing books for entrepreneurs and visionaries." Helen Chang, CEO, publishing company

We Care About Your Success

Stop working so hard for your business.
Make your business work for you.

Most accounts make you do more work than you should — requiring you to collect receipts and tax documents, and simply running the numbers. But how much more could you accomplish if your account had an advanced cloud-based system to automatically capture info and was a strategic partner in your success?

Our Services

Customized Solutions Tailored For Your Business.

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Cloud Accounting and
Document Management

With over 35 years of experience, we are technology experts who speak in plain language and have a desire to see small business owners succeed.

Our customized solution is the most efficient bookkeeping and accounting process on the planet.

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Innovative Tax
Reduction Strategies

Advanced year-round tax strategies, full tax preparation and compliance. Including, integrated tax planning - help business owners plan for taxes year round with financial statements.

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Profit First
Business Consulting

Management and consulting with the World's leading budgeting and profit maximization techniques.

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IRS Representation

We offer IRS Audit representation and will negotiate offers and comprises on your behalf.

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CFO Services and
Complete Outsourcing

Outsources and advanced financial and systems consulting for larger businesses.

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Non-Profit Administration

Customized CFO services and management for your Non-Profit Organization.

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Peter Holtz

At Peter Holtz CPA we know that you want to be a successful business owner. In order to do that, you need a business that works for you.The problem is you’re facing administrative overload and confusing tax laws which make you feel overwhelmed and out of control. We believe you deserve accounting and tax services that give you help you make money and save taxes. We understand what it feels like to be overwhelmed which is why we have dedicated 35 years to find the clear path to profitability and real tax savings.
1 - Schedule a free consultation
2 - You attend a listening session where we review your numbers and business
3 - We set up a customized plan to create success for you and your business

Stop being overwhelmed and instead enjoy the clarity of totally understanding your business and the security of knowing you’re paying the LOWEST TAXES allowed by law!

So, call to set up your free consultation. In the meantime download and enjoy our “6 Easy Tax Write Offs For Business Owners That Most Accountants Miss” and/or "10 Ways Business Owners Can Save Time And Money".

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You were born to lead this business.
We were made to understand finances and taxes.

Thats why your success is our success.

275+ Thriving Businesses
$20,000 Taxes saved on average
12 hours Saved per week on average

Certified Tax Coach
Profit First Advanced
Certified Advisor Fix This Next
Profit First Master
Certified Public Accountant

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