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Is Your Business The Most Efficient It Can Be?

Does Your CPA Offer You Ideas To Save You Money And Become More Efficient?


At Peter Holtz CPA, we offer you multiple services and options to help your business be more efficient and make it easier for you to focus on your business. We offer full, customizable business process engineering that will fit your business. Read More…

Do You Hate Quickbooks Online?

You’re not alone!

xero vs qb

“So far this week I have heard from 4 different sources that people just do not like QB online. Now it appears that it is a national trend and impacting Inuits stock price. Intuit is engaging in heavy handed practices to get people to convert to QB online like cancelling support for Qb 2013, cutting back on email services directly from QB, and curtailing the Intuit payment services. Read More…