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Is Your Business The Most Efficient It Can Be?

Does Your CPA Offer You Ideas To Save You Money And Become More Efficient?

At Peter Holtz CPA, we offer you multiple services and options to help your business be more efficient and make it easier for you to focus on your business. We offer full, customizable business process engineering that will fit your business.

As most people know, the business world is constantly changing and growing. If your business doesn’t find a way to adapt and move with the changes, your business will not survive. There will always be other businesses popping up that business owners have to compete with. The competitive atmosphere takes incredible knowledge and skill to continue fighting to service. It also takes a business process that is as efficient as possible.

​We have found that the best, most efficient service for bookkeeping and accounting is Xero. Compared to Quickbooks, this service offers easy to use reconciling, invoicing, payroll, and reports on where your expenses are. It connects to your bank accounts and pulls your bank balances daily.

​Another useful tool we use is HubDoc. It pulls your bank statements and check copies to make it even easier to reconcile your accounts. You can even add your receipts to your HubDoc and then throw them away! You can code the pictures of the receipts to track where your money is being spent.

For some of our clients, we suggest they use Square. It tracks your sales and employees to keep you on top of your business. You can quickly scroll through your inventory and ring up purchases, and then have the payments be directly deposited in to your bank account nightly!

​By choosing Peter Holtz CPA as your CPA firm, we offer you on-site efficiency consultations with our specialists as well as in office consultations to keep your business growing. Our goal is to make your business as efficient as possible by using these easy to use tools that will save you time and help you run your business with less stress.