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#PutYourPhoneDownAnd …


Today on Twitter a trending hashtag was: #PutYourPhoneDownAnd. Firstly, lets take a moment to realize that most of the Twitter users who are using that hashtag are probably posting that tweet from their phones. Secondly, I found on under that hashtag a tweet from an executive of Sales Force saying: #PutYourPhoneDownAnd Be Present. Read More…

Is Your Passion A Pain Or Profit?

Let’s start with why people get into business.


They find a passion that they want to share with the world. These people are so good at this passion that they make it their business. Read More…

Is Your Business The Most Efficient It Can Be?

Does Your CPA Offer You Ideas To Save You Money And Become More Efficient?


At Peter Holtz CPA, we offer you multiple services and options to help your business be more efficient and make it easier for you to focus on your business. We offer full, customizable business process engineering that will fit your business. Read More…

13 Questions To Ask Yourself When Selecting A CPA For Your Business


Does Your Accountant Save Your More Than They Cost?

Do you look at your accountant as an expense for your business rather than an investment in your future security and profitability? Read More…