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Is Your Passion A Pain Or Profit?

Let’s start with why people get into business.

They find a passion that they want to share with the world. These people are so good at this passion that they make it their business.

What happens next?

After a while, they are forced to focus on other aspects of business besides the passion they love to do. All too often administration, bookkeeping, taxes, government red tape, marketing, advertising, social media, and other activities take the focus away from the money generating business and passion.

Just think – accounting and administration for a business mostly includes bookkeeping, payroll, invoicing, bill pay, being audited, and knowing exactly what your P&L is. This is incredibly overwhelming for new and veteran business owners.

These business owners who do not keep current with their accounting and administrative duties will easily fall behind. Those who are current with their books are wasting their valuable time trying to keep everything organized and correct.

When the focus is taken away from generating business and following their passion, the business owner will get frustrated and end up losing money. Not only do the owners lose money, but they can eventually lose their business.

By not knowing exactly where their business is financially at all times business owners leave themselves open to failure.

At Peter Holtz CPA, we want to help business owners balance their passion with their business. We focus on streamlining their business process and taking as much off their plate as we can. This makes it easy for them to only focus on their passion.

Our system gives business owners their P&L statement and budget information in the palm of their hand! We use a remarkable combination of software programs, all cloud based, that makes the life of a business owner uncomplicated. By simplifying their business process they avoid failure, confusion, and losing their passion.

Making money off of a passion should be easy.

By spending less time worrying about their business, the owners are able to work in their business and sell to their customers more. When they can focus on selling to their customers, business owners will be able to profit off of their passion.

We keep things simple and efficient for our clients to be able let them make more money and be happy working in their business. The accounting and administrative burden that most business owners are under, disappears and leaves our clients feeling financially free to run their business.