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Millennials vs Baby Boomers & Gen X-ers & The Way Things Should Be

Did you know that Millennials are the largest generation since the baby boomers?  It’s been reported that 82% of Millennial want paperless services. One of our software partners, Futrli, recently said “Millennial entrepreneurs don’t want an end-of-the-year history lesson from their accountants.  They want real-time information about their business which can enable them to make… Read More

#PutYourPhoneDownAnd …

Today on Twitter a trending hashtag was: #PutYourPhoneDownAnd.  Firstly, lets take a moment to realize that most of the Twitter users who are using that hashtag are probably posting that tweet from their phones.  Secondly, I found on under that hashtag a tweet from an executive of Sales Force saying: #PutYourPhoneDownAnd Be Present. (below) I… Read More

Important Questions To Ask Yourself When Selecting A CPA For Your Business

Does Your Accountant Save Your More Than They Cost?   Do you look at your accountant as an expense for your business rather than an investment in your future security and profitability? Does your accountant regularly communicate with you to advise you on little known but readily available information on how to keep you and… Read More