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ABC’s of Effective Tax Planning – Loans, Losses, and Leases

Today’s topic – Losses, Loans, and Leases. Are you categorizing your loan, loss, or lease correctly? Check out these helpful tips on how to save yourself on your tax returns! Having your business grow is amazing and tricky at the same time. Nothing eats cash faster than growth. Growth should be factored into your tax… Read More

ABC’s of Effective Tax Planning – Interest

Today’s topic – Interest. Many business owners forget that some their business assets have interest that can be claimed on their tax returns. These interest payments can make a huge difference for business owners, especially sole proprietorships. It’s in your best interest to claim the interest. Having your business grow is amazing and tricky at… Read More

ABC’s Effective Tax Planning – Depreciation

Today’s topic – Depreciation. Depreciation is a great tool to use to save money on taxes because it can shield your cash flow from taxation. Many business owners forget to tell their CPA or tax preparer about their major fixed assets like cars, equipment, buildings, trucks, etc. Business owners should be using their pretax money… Read More