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ABC’s of Effective Tax Planning – Money

Today’s topic – MONEY!

What’s better than a free lunch? Free. Money. Well, in our case, pre-tax money. Tip #1 today – the key to tax planning is to spend as much as you can of your pre-tax money. Tip #2 – make sure to separate your business money from your personal money. Tip #3 – document your business expenses.
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ABC’s of Effective Tax Planning – Loans, Losses, and Leases

Today’s topic – Losses, Loans, and Leases.

Are you categorizing your loan, loss, or lease correctly? Check out these helpful tips on how to save yourself on your tax returns!
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ABC’s of Effective Tax Planning – Kids

Today’s topic – Kids.

Do you have a child older than 7? You can hire them to help with your business and pay them as a way to save for their future! Read More…

ABC’s of Effective Tax Planning – Job

Today’s topic – Job.

Are you a business owner who also has another job or wants to hire your child in your business? Check out these tips on how to use these jobs in your tax strategy Read More…

ABC’s of Effective Tax Planning – Interest

Today’s topic – Interest.

Many business owners forget that some their business assets have interest that can be claimed on their tax returns. These interest payments can make a huge difference for business owners, especially sole proprietorships. It’s in your best interest to claim the interest. Read More…